MY normal….

Years ago, long before I had my AS diagnosis, I went to see a therapist. The reason why I went was that, once again, I had gotten stuck in a depression that I couldn’t get out of. I’ve had them often, and never knew why….only now do I know that they are also part of the wonderful world of AS.

We discussed many aspects of my life, and also the lack of a partner. He asked my if that was an issue, not having a partner. I told him it wasn’t an issue, but that I wanted to be like everyone else, and that I felt I was expected, in order to be considered ‘normal’, to have a partner. And then he asked me: “So is that what you want, to be normal?” After I thought about that question a couple of seconds, I replied: “No, but I want MY normal to be the norm.”

It has taken me many years (this was 17 years ago), but I’ve finally figured it out…there is a whole bunch of people that consider MY normal to be normal…they’re called ‘Aspies’. Not that all aspies are born to live alone, but there’s a whole lot of us that can understand where I am coming from.

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  1. Yeah! So happy you found answers. 🙂

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