My own lane

Actually….actually I am doing really well. I have my Aspergers diagnosis, I am learning new ways to cope with AS. Yes, I have to say I am feeling better than I have in a long, long time.

I am learning new things every day, about who I am, about my limitations and boundaries. One of the best learning points I had happened a couple of weeks ago, during a walk with a friend. He told me a story his coach told him:

“Imagine there are two lanes on a road: one for the NTs and one for Aspies. We all drive along peacefully on our own lanes. And there’s no road sign that says the Aspies HAVE to merge. You can, if you want to, and sometimes it is necessary, but it is not obligatory….you don’t HAVE to fit in with that other group of people…”

That’s when I realised I really wasted a lot of time trying to fit in. I spent forever trying to like things I really hated. And so I’ve made a decision: I am no longer merging! Maybe every now and then, at my own terms, but basically I prefer to stay in my own lane…

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2 Responses to My own lane

  1. TJ says:

    I just found your blog via @aspienaut and, like his I love it!! From a very selfish perspective it helps me understand my son better, so thank you. I used to live in NL (14 years!) and we will likely move back there to Amsterdam again in the next couple of years, I think compared to London it’s a calmer, more family orientated, and peaceful environment for us and our child, with the exception of Queens Day. So, reading a lovely blog about your experiences and life in NL by a Nederlander in English is a real treat for me!
    Haartelijk Dank x
    (I hope I spelled that right! my time over there was working for an American company speaking no Dutch except when I was shopping!)

    • nouske1971 says:

      Thanks for your reaction, TJ! Amsterdam is absolutely wonderful, but too much noise and too many people for me. I live in Eindhoven, in the South, very quiet and peaceful.
      I’ll keep writing about my experiences, living my life as an aspie.

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